My Dad was my inspiration in getting into news. He gave me gave me a bird’s eye view…

of events, including the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The second picture above is of my Dad alongside his UPI wire service machine near the window Oswald was said to have shot from in the Texas School Book Depository, now the Sixth Floor Museum, downtown Dallas.

As November 22 approaches, I thought about what happened to us all half a century ago. I remember my Dad coming home after breaking the news about the assassination of President Kennedy on our small town radio station in Anna, Illinois.

Here’s his description.

“Dad, tell me what happened right after we all learned from Walter Cronkite on CBS that the President had been shot.

I…called the Dallas police department (having just gotten direct dial telephone service)

 I reached detective E.E. Taylor, the officer who had just arrested Oswald at the Texas Theatre and brought him in to police headquarters only a few minutes prior to my call.
I did a 5-1/2 minute interview which I recorded and broadcast immediately, then turned around and called the national headquarters of UPI in Chicago.  As we talked they were just then getting the information in on their wire about Oswald.  So we beat UPI and most everyone everywhere with the identity of Oswald, which I wrote down on the back of one of the bulletins.
Kennedy notes
Kennedy teletype
This bulletin was part of the display shown in the 6th floor museum here in Dallas for over 20 years, alongside the wire service machine near the window where Oswald is said to have fired from.
I saved all the bulletins through midnight of that night and they are all stored along with all my other Kennedy interviews at the Poage Legislative Library at Baylor University in Waco.  Other interviews include ones with Abraham Zapruder, who filmed the shooting, and a Mr. Klein, in Chicago who sold gun to Oswald.
I did many interviews that day and the next and on Thanksgiving morning following and all of the interviews as well as my many books, magazines, newspapers and other material are stored permanently for future scholars at the Poage Legislative library, Baylor University at Waco.”
You have researched this most of your adult life, what do you think happened to President Kennedy?
I think it was a carefully planned and carried out hit job. By elements of our own government. I think we experienced a government coup, which changed world history.”

I’m going to tell you right up front that I do not agree with parts of the conclusion my Dad came to, but I do know that his information is well researched. I’ll have more on what he thinks happened that day in a post tomorrow.





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