I’ve been really lucky to have a career I love.  I get to interview the interesting people, like…

the Dallas Stars’ Mike Modano.

Being on TV also means looking the very best you can, every day.  And it means taking care of your skin, because HD cameras show every line and wrinkle.

A lot of my friends on Facebook have asked if I’ve had “work done” over the years. Well, here’s the answer.  Like lots of women, I’ve used botox and fillers.  I want to look the best I can at the age I am.

But so far, I haven’t had any major cosmetic procedures.  I’m not saying I never will and I’ll probably tell you if I do, but frankly, cosmetic surgery makes me a little nervous about what the outcome will be.

I have had something called ULTherapy done a couple of times, and I think it works.  Come to think of it, I should probably have it done again soon, so I’m going to take you and the video camera along to watch.

I also have a line of skin care products that I believe have helped me take care of my face and body.  I’ll be showing you what those products are.

What are your top questions about skin care?  What would you like to know about ideas for make-up or hair?  Post your beauty questions below and I’ll try to answer them in future stories.

Have a terrific day,

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