My skin care secret  is one simple thing.

Hydration.  Drink lots of water…exercise ’til you break a sweat daily…

And hydration is the secret of the eraclea skin care system I use.  Eraclea was developed by two chemists and uses a patented system to increase & maintain hydration under the surface that plumps the skin and makes it look youthful.

I wanted to make sure these products worked before recommending them to you so I started testing them 2 years ago. Today I’m showing you the Daily Bamboo Exfoliant because it’s the first step in my skin care routine every day.

Daily Bamboo is a micro scrub that removes dead skin cells and leaves the complexion looking fresh and clean.  It is gentle enough to use daily, and it prepares my skin for the next step in my daily skin care maintenance routine.

Over the next few days I’m going to show you the products I use to nourish and maintain my skin after cleansing with Daily Bamboo.

Lots of water, exercise and my skin care maintenance system help me look my best.

Have a wonderful day,

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