We all try to keep our skin as nourished and moisturized as possible…

and here are my three daily skin care essentials.

My eraclea Bamboo Scrub, Vitamin C Serum and Hydrating Daily Lotion.

I have been testing eraclea skin care products for 2 years now.  I wanted to make sure I really liked the products before I recommended them to you.  I know the female chemists who developed eraclea and I can tell you after using it on my skin I’m convinced eraclea works. Eraclea contains the patented HylaSponge system, that locks in moisture and plumps the skin.

I start each day with the gentle Daily Bamboo Exfoliant.  I’ve learned that bamboo is a natural antibacterial agent so it fights the nasty stuff that gets into our skin daily, but the Bamboo Exfoliant is  gentle enough to use every morning.  I like it because it’s clean and natural. And the Bamboo Exfoliant promotes new cell growth.

I follow the scrub and a good splash of water with the Vitamin C Serum.  You can read more about the science of it on the eraclea website, but I can tell you the Vitamin C Serum gives my skin a healthy glow that I am missing otherwise.

And then I finish with the Hydrating Lotion.  It’s light, gentle and fragrance free, which I like.

Here’s the best thing: if you are already using other products you like, just add eraclea before them.  Eraclea hydrates and prepares your skin to get the maximum benefits of any other products you like.

People often ask me if I’ve had cosmetic surgery.  The answer is no, not yet.  I’m not saying I won’t but I’m kind of scared about the outcome, so I try to do everything I can to keep my skin looking it’s best with no invasive procedures.

And one added bonus – as I said, eraclea was developed by women chemists and they knowingly picked packaging that doesn’t have tops you can lose.  I love the twist top, which is especially perfect for travel.

What would you like to ask me about eraclea and my skin care?  Do you have skin care secrets you want to share with us all?

Please tell me in the comments below, and have a beautiful day!




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