I can’t finish this post without laughing. My Dad found this old radio commercial that we did…

It’s for Quick Bake Cakes by Bunny Bread, which started in my hometown of Anna, Illinois, where my Dad managed the local radio station.

I was about four, the age in that picture above, when we recorded the ad.

I thought it was perfect to share in November because I’ll be celebrating my own birthday with a cake, even if it’s not as good or fun as the Quick Bake Cakes.

Make sure you have the volume up, and you can CLICK ON THE ARROW below to listen to the ad.

I was a few years older in this picture of me and my brother, David, taken at our grandparents’ farm, and I had added doing radio ads for the local Ford dealership, where I was paid…in Barbie dolls.

Quick Bake Cake Jane and David Taylorvil001


As I celebrate my birthday, thank you, Dad, and Mom in heaven, for all  you gave us.


Quick Bake Cake MarianVancouver001