For a special pre-party skin care boost that will give your skin a healthy glow…

I love Intensive Repair and Protect Serum/Vitamin C  by eraclea.

Actually I can’t do without this product every day.

Intensive Repair and Protect Serum/Vitamin C makes my skin brighter and firmer.

Because I’m a journalist and I’ve seen so many skin care products on the market, I’ve been testing eraclea skin care for two years. All eraclea products contain the HylaSponge System, a patented combination of three different hyaluronic acid molecules. The HylaSponge System was developed by the Matrix Biology Institute, and when I was researching eraclea I talked with the scientists who developed it.
I can honestly tell you I can tell a difference when I don’t use Intensive Repair and Protect Serum/Vitamin C  every day and I know Intensive Repair and Protect Serum/Vitamin C will give your skin that pre-party healthy glow.

Plus I love the “twist and close” cap that I can’t lose!

Happy Holidays,





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