Good morning!  I’m about to head out to buy a pot for some flowers, but I’m not going to spend a lot of money.   Here’s where I’m going shopping.

The pot I’m standing next to in that first pic is gorgeous, but I don’t need anything that big.

Big or small, you can find some really beautiful bargains at 2 locations; one in Dallas and one in Ft. Worth.

Most of the pottery in what I call the “scratch and dent” section at the front of Jacksons Home and Garden on Lemmon Ave. in Dallas is half price. There might be a small chip on a piece, or maybe it’s just a pot they’re ready to get rid of.  Prices range from as little as $30 to several hundred dollars for the huge pieces, but the buys are great.

And at Archie’s Gardenland in Ft. Worth, the prices get even better!  Did you know that Jackson sends ALL it’s rejects to Archie’s? I didn’t.  Look at that picture of me in a white dress standing next to a huge green urn. The urn was $80!  Some pieces have serious cracks, which can be repaired with LeakSeal by Rust-Oleum or just place a plant stand inside the pot like I do.  Then there’s no stress on the crack.

Last time I went to Jackson Pottery I ended up buying two pretty apple green pots from their 30% off section. Each pot was $50 and now they’re home to two little olive trees I’m growing outside my door.

Happy gardening,

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