It was pretty cool behind the scenes with Sex & The City’s beautiful brunette “Charlotte” …

and other Hollywood stars in Dallas Saturday night!

Kristen Davis, High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens and Desperate Housewives Jesse Metcalfe all flew in for Hollywood Domino Dallas at The Empire Room. The evening benefitted the Make A Wish Foundation.

Just like lots of people you see on the big screen, Kristen Davis and Vanessa Hudgens are tiny in person!

Kristen was soft spoken and really nice.  She told me has been to Dallas several times and feels at home here since she’s from the South too.

Click here to see what she said about a sequel to Sex & The City and why she came all the way to Dallas for a party…

Sex & The City’s Kristen Davis

I also asked the Sex & The City star about Dallas leading the nation in the number of singles, men and women, who are comfortable having sex on the first date.

Kristen said it really surprised her that Dallas was number one since she always thought of it as a conservative city. She said she’s not judgmental of what other people do but she wouldn’t make that choice. At 49, she is a single Mom to one.

Julia, the 9 year old Ambassador for Make A Wish, was so excited to be on stage with the Hollywood stars, and looked adorable in a pretty pink dress. She stole everyones’ hearts.

Thanks to my friend Bob Manzano for the great photos.

It was a lot of fun…and all for a great cause,




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