I’m working hard on decorating my new home and I can’t wait to show you…
photos when it’s completed!

I’m going to be writing about my new home here on RealJane and as I run into people who have exceptional products or provide superior service I enjoy sharing the news with you.

The first two professionals I would put on my “A” list if I were thinking of buying, selling or remodeling are the two real estate sales associates who helped me find my new home, Carmen DiPenti and Ryan Streiffboth in the Dallas offices of Dave Perry-Miller.

Ryan is a former investment banker and lifelong resident of Dallas. Ryan is one of the top producing agents in the firm and city, closing $100M in real estate in the last two years.  I came to realize Ryan knows Dallas real estate like the back of his hand.  Ryan became a trusted advisor about what to buy, and just as important, what not to buy. I never got the feeling Ryan was interested in a sale for short term gain. Ryan builds customers for life, and sometimes that means passing on an immediate sale that might not be in the customer’s best interest.

Coincidentally, after working with Ryan I learned he had sold my  Dad’s home, sold my brother’s home and found my brother a new home.  It’s easy to understand why pretty much everyone in my family thinks he’s about the best real estate professional around.

I had run into Carmen DiPentialso a Dave Perry-Miller sales associate, at a function I was hosting. Carmen and I struck up a conversation about house hunting and Carmen followed up the next day with a series of listings for me. It was obvious to me he had listened carefully to what I was looking for because his recommendations were spot on.  Carmen worked tirelessly and in the end actually went door to door for me, searching for potential sellers where I wanted to buy. I can’t begin to count the properties we looked at. Carmen was polite, thorough and determined every step of the way.  After I finally bought my new home, Carmen followed up with extensive financial and resource information that was invaluable.

I don’t know to this day how he did it, but Carmen even got the closing done in almost record time, to fit with my work schedule.

I appreciate people who work hard and I’m grateful that I have a public way to say thank you to them.  I hope that if you are considering buying or selling a home in the Dallas area, my recommendation will lead you to either Ryan Streiff or Carmen DiPenti at the Dave Perry-Miller offices.  I can’t think of anyone who will do a better job for you.







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