That’s me in the car with other former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders at my Great Gatsby party!

I don’t drink much, but I still like to have fun with my girlfriends, and time is precious because this year I became the first time mother of twins.

Trevor and Angelina are getting ready to celebrate their first Christmas!

TREVORANGELINAUsually it’s just a glass or two of my favorite wine, but the stress of the holidays and the busy schedule I keep can leave my system depleted after a long night out, and I have to be ready to go first thing in the morning!

What’s my “go to” relief? When we get home after an event, I drink one of my favorite Pedialytes and then if my electrolytes need a little more replenishing in the morning, I start the day with another. I was drinking Pedialyte long before I became a Mom.

The “clear” Pedialyte has no flavor and poured over ice it tastes like a refreshing 7Up. Grape is pretty delicious after a late night too.

I keep several packets on hand for the holidays or any time I want a cool drink, and if you want to stock up before the weekend, I found these multi-packs on Amazon.

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In my opinion, well worth the price!

By the way, always eat something substantial before you have that first sip of a cocktail. The food coats your stomach so it absorbs less alcohol.  And drink two big glasses of water before you walk out the door.

Happy Holidays,




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