Good morning from Montana!

Nah…just kidding….but our weather here today reminds me of Montana.

My friend Candy Evans, was so sweet and asked to do a post on my Montana cabin, and why I like Montana, for her SecondShelters blog.

I was happy to share my love for that special part of America.

When Michael was about 4, we looked a snowy spot for a winter vacation. We landed in Big Sky, Montana…and loved it!

Big Sky has the largest ski area in the country…some of the best fly fishing in the country…and it’s just outside Yellowstone National Park, America’s first national park.



Plus,  the “big skies” of Big Sky reminded me of the wide open spaces of Texas. The mountains of Montana are newer, and not as steep and close together as the Colorado Rockies. There are giant wide open spaces between the towering peaks…everything in Montana seems like it plays out on a big screen to me. It think it’s just spectacular.

We eventually built a cabin on the Gallatin River…

cabin outside


Much of the Brad Pitt movie,  A River Runs Through It was filmed on the Gallatin.



So when Candy asked to feature my cabin on her  I hunted up some of my pics…










Here are a couple, you can click on  Cabin on the River  for our Q&A and Candy’s complete story.

These pictures make me want to catch the next flight to Bozeman!

Have you ever been to Montana?  Did you like it?

I think it’s a beautiful place,






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