What a difference a tan makes! If you flip back and forth between the pics above…

you see before and after. And I definitely like the after, with my new spray tan, better!

It’s summer and what a great time to get that golden glow for all your shorts and sundresses.

But it seems like I never have enough time to stop by and get a spray tan and I don’t use a tanning bed because of the harmful rays.  After years of using baby oil and baking in the hot sun like we all did as teen-agers, I’m trying to protect my skin as much as possible.

I discovered the perfect solution, The Tan Traveller

Christi Nix, the woman entrepreneur who owns The Tan Traveller came to my home and gave me the best spray tan I have ever had. She takes her time, so it’s perfectly even. She asked lots of questions about my skin color and preferences and she got just the right golden hue. Each person’s skin is unique and her attention is very personal, which separates it from a lot of other spray tan services.

And she gave me some lotion that extends the tan; five days after my spray tan, my skin still looks like I just returned from a refreshing vacation.

If you’re getting ready to go to the beach or just want to look fabulous in a sundress, call Kristi.  I know you will love your look.

By the way The Tan Traveller is going to be one of my recommended products & services so The Tan Traveller button will always be on the right hand side of my home page, and you are just a link away from a beautiful bronze!



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