I came to a crossroads in the past year…
Like most of us, I’ve wanted more self love all my life. Like a lot of women, instead of loving myself, I made a habit of getting my sense of worth from my work, my parenting (which puts way too much pressure on the child to be perfect) the fashions I wore (which can cost way too much money), or maybe the attention of the man in my life.
There are way too many problems with that approach to even begin to go into right now, but the main one is that the foundation of self worth is being authentic;  and trying to make yourself what you think someone else wants you to be or how someone else wants you to look, or anything outside yourself,  always means moving farther away from your authentic self.
I’ll be talking a lot more here about finding and growing your authenticity and self worth but for today I wanted to share that 2020 was the year I decided to go a new direction; I gathered the courage to try new strategies, even if sometimes I was scared to death.
The message I want to leave you with in this post is that my biggest changes came when I resolved to trust God no matter how foreign & frightening what I was doing seemed. Days when I faced a new challenge I usually went outside to take a walk, held my hands out and simply asked God to hold them, and told Him I would accept and trust whatever happened because I knew I was on His path.
The insights and changes in the last year have been amazing, and my mission is to help other women who may feel stuck, and are fighting the same battle to love themselves. In the coming year, I’m excited to share with you some of the tools & strategies I used.
Much love,

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