By Cheryl Crosby  One of the great honors of my life was being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

I was 19 and it was my first time in uniform in that picture. I still get so excited when I watch a big game today.

I like to ask all my friends over to cheer the Cowboys on, and we had an especially big crowd for the Cowboys/Green Bay game.

My husband Lance and I dressed the twins, Angelina and Trevor, in their “Go Cowboys” best, kissed them good-bye and headed for Dee Lincoln’s Bubble Barwhere we hosted a party for 100! (That’s Dee in the picture, biting her nails:)

There’s not much I enjoy more than watching my team play and munching on all my favorite game day food like chicken wings, dips and chips.

Unless it’s thinking maybe Angelina would be a terrific Cowboys Cheerleader and maybe Trevor is already practicing his best Dallas Cowboys run??

cowboys party twins

Cowboys, thanks for another great season and all the memories! Go Cowboys!


*Cheryl Gates Crosby was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader from 1996-2000.