This is the time of year when I try to keep my skin hydrated.

Cold weather can leave skin dry so quickly…especially super tender lips.

I keep eraclea Ever-moist Lip Balm in my handbag, in my make-up kit and in my skin care products at home.

Here’s the Ever-most Lip Balm description. I think it’s accurate. “A deeply hydrating lip treatment that helps repair dry, distressed lips while replenishing lost moisture. It is rich in emollients, to give lips a satiny-smooth look and feel, while shea butter, jojoba, and antioxidants condition and revitalize lips.”

A four-ounce tube is $16.00.

I’ve mentioned the eraclea line of skin care before.  It’s basis is a patented combination of hyaluranic acid molecules – that’s the natural ingredient that keeps skin hydrated. I’ve been testing it for almost two years and I’ve had spectacular results; eraclea is my exclusive skin care system, everything from the Daily Bamboo Exfoliant that’s gentle enough for me to use every morning to the Restorative Hydrating Night Cream every night.

But today I just wanted to share this little tip that hopefully will help keep your lips tender during our cold snap.

This is the season to take care of your skin and I don’t know of a better product than eraclea. By the way, eraclea is great for guys too. I would leave you out!