By Cheryl Crosby  From my days of being a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader…

To being a new mother of twins (that’s Angelina in the picture with me) I’ve always had a busy schedule! And especially during the holiday party season, getting up and looking fresh for work and appointments in the morning can be difficult.

So here are my best beauty tips for those mornings you oversleep.

* Put on fast dance music to move to while you get ready. That always helps me get going!

* Shower, but don’t wash your hair. Use hair powder to absorb the oil.

* Have your “go to” hair accessory laid out the night before. Maybe it’s a headband, or pins for a big high supermodel bun that you can do quickly, and will have you looking polished for the day ahead.

* Mascara, this will help brighten your whole look, and please curl your lashes. It makes all the difference in opening up your eyes.

*Red lips bring color to your entire face

*Nespresso coffee because you gotta get blood pumping!

Or you can always do what I do, turn off your alarm while you’re still asleep and have it become part of your dream (yes, you know what I’m talking about).

Happy holidays, and we’ll get through this, together,