A holiday dessert that’s delicious, quick to make and not quite so heavy? I’m in!

This recipe came from my friend Yvonne Crum, who among other things in her glamorous life, was at one time a flight attendant for Braniff.



The recipe is one of the favorites in the “Clipped B’s Cookbook” (former Braniff flight attendants, history below). Yvonne has made it many times and she’s so sweet to share it with us.



Mock Pecan Pie

1 cup sugar

1 cup pecans

3 eggwhites (beaten stiffly)

22 ritz crackers

1tsp vanilla

Cool Whip

Beat egg whites stiff and add the 22 ritz crackers (crushed finely) plus the vanilla, sugar and pecans.. fold into the egg whites and stir completely.. bake in a 300 degree oven for 30 minutes.. Let cool and top with Cool Whip.. or Real Whipped Cream..

In Yvonne’s words, “It’s delicious and not filling…”

I made it this morning and it is…delicious. But I put a big scoop of Blue Bell Vanilla on mine!





* Braniff Inc., successor to the original Braniff International Airways, is an icon from the days of Dallas, the TV show.

March 1, 1984, Braniff, Inc., inaugurated service from it’s DFW AIrport hub to eighteen major U.S. cities. It was the largest single day successful airline startup in U.S. history. The airline flew throughout most of the 80s and was known for it’s Braniff Business Cabin (which included high end meals and roomier seats and storage) among other innovations.

Braniff flew throughout most of the 80’s, until filing for bankruptcy protection in 1989, but the name remains a legend in Texas and in the airline industry.


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