When I find a delicious treat like this I like to share it with you!

Dallas Caramel Company  came on the set of Good Morning Texas to show us their secrets for making some of the best caramels I’ve ever tasted.

Rain McDermott started the Dallas Caramel Company in 2007 to satiate her curiosity: could she make delicious caramel that would satisfy her sweet tooth? While her dentist did not approve of her fixation with sweets, her friends and family did and encouraged her to introduce her perfectly creamy and soft caramel candy to residents of Dallas and beyond. In 2012 Rain opened her doors and began taking orders for her delicious treats.

Today she sells everything from the simple caramels you see above to Sea Salt Caramels and Armadillos Caramel Turtles.

You can order everything online at this link, Dallas Caramel Company or just watch us whip us some delicious caramels on the set of Good Morning Texas:  Making Caramels With Dallas Caramel Company.

I liked everything I tasted, but those Armadillo Caramel Turtles…wow!