I had lunch with my good friend Cynthia Smoot yesterday…

You may know her as Oh SO Cynthia, the hugely successful lifestyle blogger. She’s lots of fun to read, and in person too!

I hadn’t seen her in several months and I remembered why I like her so much.

We are both Moms to “only kids”.  She has a boy who is starting high school.  My son is 21 and out on his own.

We talked about trying to juggle everything and how, as a Mom, you begin to realize when they get to high school that time is passing quickly…that you really only have four short years left before they are gone.

You never regret the parties you didn’t attend, or the events you didn’t go to…

It’s being there during the grind of homework  or picking up the countless wet towels on the floor that seems like it will never end at the time, and is so precious when it’s over.

Yep, that’s why I like Cynthia, so much.

But what I really want to know is…how can she eat like that? And look like that? We were at Bread Winners Cafe on Lovers Lane.

Have a happy Friday,


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