Still trying to think of something sweet to do with your special someone Valentines night?

Here are two local hotels, one in Dallas and one in Ft. Worth, that would make a delightful lover’s getaway.

Both The Melrose in Dallas and The Ashton in Ft. Worth are unique properties that offer beautiful rooms, access to fun things to do nearby and great food in their dining rooms; the type of place you can go for one night and never leave the room, or almost anything you want to do with your sweetie is within walking distance.

The Melrose is in the heart of Uptown Dallas so there are tons of restaurants nearby, as well as The Magnolia Theatre for a movie, and the Arts District is an easy cab or Uber ride away.

The Melrose Hotel rooms are beautiful and the beds comfortable.

The facade of the Melrose Hotel







The Ashton is in the heart of downtown Ft. Worth where there is always lots of fun stuff to do, from great restaurants, to the new Sundance Plaza or a movie.

The beds at the Ashton Hotel are beautiful as well as comfortable.

The facade of the Ashton Hotel in Ft. Worth.








I’ve stayed at both and eaten in both The Landmark at the Melrose Hotel

Dining at The Landmark restaurant in the Melrose Hotel.

The Six 10 Grille at the Ashton Hotel







and the Six 10 Grille at the Ashton Hotel and they both  have terrific food, so if you just want to stay in with your sweetheart, either one of these would be the perfect Valentines gift.





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