I just wanted to show you the pics I snapped…

in this gorgeous coral red dining room in a Ft. Worth home.

Real Jane Decorate Editor Ken Blasingame did the room, which is actually below the main floor of a beautiful home on Rivercrest Golf Course.

There is an extra wide winding staircase that leads down to it.

I love the heavy antique carved wood door surrounds Ken used, the beautiful beams, the cool stained glass “window”…and that gold fabric on the antique love seat is to die for!

By the way, the adjacent powder room is also the same vibrant shade of red.

Do you think the idea of a deep red dining room underground, sort of like a wine cellar, if romantic and fun? Would you consider one for your own home?

I’m thinking it might be a cool idea for my new house.  What do you think?




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