People ask me who does me clothing, hair and make-up for TV.

I always tell them if a professional did it, I would look a lot better. Like lots of women, I would love to have a personal stylist. They have such a talent for making outfits on Hollywood stars look terrific!

So, would you like to have someone to pick out the latest and greatest styles so you’d always look like you just stepped off a runway? Well, how about the next best thing?

Check out Worn on TV.  This new website covers just about every popular TV show on the air right now. They snap a photo of an outfit, and identify the designer and in some cases, the shops where you can find the exact shirt, dress, or even pajamas! The site includes men’s clothing and plus sizes as well.

I gave it a try and found a green dress worn by Annalise from “How to Get Away With Murder” and a cool tie dyed blouse and leopard print coat that Rayna wore on “Nashville.”

So next time you’re catching up on your DVR, have your tablet or smartphone handy…and keep an eye out for fashion! I think this is a super fun new site.

Happy shopping!



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