Guess which Texas company is bringing the “heat” to the Official NFL Tailgate Party Sunday??

Mild Bill’s Spice Co.  in Ennis has shipped out hundreds of pounds of chili powders and spices for the big Super Bowl bash.

Mild Bill's Spice Co.

Mild Bill's Spice Co. chili powders.









Mild Bill’s Spice Co. supplies chili powders and spices for championship winners all over the country, including Terlingua. Owner Kelly Brignon, who has been cooking chili since she was a kid, won the State Fair chili competition in 2011.


Kelly also told me how to rescue your chili if it’s too hot, and what the “hottest” new pepper is.

Kelly Brignon is one of the Lone Stars who make Texas such a fun and interesting place to live.

I hope you enjoy watching her story. Tell me in the comments below if you know a Lone Star you would like for me to interview.

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