I like to try any new beauty product of treatment before I recommend it so I waited until I had seen results tell you about this, but I’ve got to share it with you!

I won’t ever say “never”, but I’ve always been extremely conservative with any cosmetic procedures because I want to look as natural as possible.  So every time I looked at my jawline in recent years, I asked my cosmetic surgeon “Is there anything out there besides a face lift?”  His answer was always “no”, until about a year ago.

The new procedure is called “Morpheus 8” and after 4 treatments I want to tell you I’m amazed at how it has helped tighten and firm my jawline and neck.  The plastic surgeon I have used for all my cosmetic procedures for the last 15 years, Dr. Rod Rohrich, explains it much better than I can in this video.

I hope it’s helpful to you!