I pop in The Gypsy Wagon on Knox-Henderson whenever I can…

any store that’s playing the Rolling Stones  “Paint it Black” when you walk in the door can’t be bad.

Like lots of us who grew up in the 60s, 70s and 80s I guess I’ll always have a little hippie/gypsy in me and this is one place I indulge it.

Hello Sunshine pillows stacked on lemon yellow cubes, ethnic textiles, boots that could go to Coachella or Cattle Barons.

My find of the day was a skull bottle opener at $16 for Halloween.

I tried on the cool orange glasses but all I walked out with was a book by one of my favorite designers, Kathryn Ireland’s “Timeless Interiors”…and I guess you could call her a little bit of a hippie/gypsy herself.

Happy Shopping,