“Don’t pray for it to be easier, pray to be stronger.”…

That’s one of my favorite Steve Harvey quotes of all time, and here’s why.

So often, we find ourselves hurt, angry or anxious because things aren’t working out the way we thought they should.  Think about that for a minute. Are you facing a situation that’s difficult for you right now? Do you think you know how it should turn out? Do you think you know what outcome would make you happy?

If you are like me, you’ve made that mistake more than once!

I’ve got a suggestion for you. The next time you face a painful or difficult event, look up (or look wherever your higher power is) and say “Hey, all I want is to fulfill your purpose with my life, whatever that is. And I’m just going to trust”.

Just trust. If you are like me you may have to remind yourself 50 times a day on some days.

More often than I can tell you, my daily journal entries end with two little words, “just trust”.

(By the way, then you have to follow it up by giving it your all. That’s the hard part:)

You can click here for the full Steve Harvey post and have a wonderful day,