One of my favorite things to do every spring was take a picture of my son, Michael, in the bluebonnets…

He’s a little big for that now, but this weekend means the opening of the bluebonnet trails and time to snap those family pictures!

The good news is there are dozens of websites devoted to helping you scout a great location. I loved this one,  Best Bluebonnet Map because it has a map showing you the best places to take kids and/or pets around the DFW Metroplex.

I also called on one of my photographer friends to find a few tips that will help make those pictures perfect

  1. Get Low. Don’t shoot the kids from standing up above them. Get down on their level.
  2. For the best light, shoot before 10am or after 4pm. ( I love the golden light of late afternoon.)
  3. Dress in bright color solids. Patterns can distract from the flowers.
  4. Wear sneakers or boots. No flip flops or sandals. Fire Ants LOVE bluebonnet areas. Don’t risk getting stung.

I can’t wait to see your fabulous pictures from Easter weekend. Share them with me here in the comments or on my facebook page.


Happy Spring!




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