It’s Friday so this morning I loaded up the dogs and headed out for some fun!
They were like kids in a candy store.  Or a couple of guys at Bass Pro Shops. Or two women at a shoe sale!

Hollywood Feed just opened in the Dallas Ft. Worth area.  Right now, they have 3 locations.

They have every toy, food and goodie you can think of for a dog and it’s owner; special soft doggie beds in bright colors made in the USA (the owner bought an almost to go out of business factory in Mississippi and saved 100 jobs there, yay).

After a big weekend, you can take the dog in to Hollywood Feed for “Muddy Monday’s $2.00 Wash”.

They even have goat milk and raw foods in a freezer!  Addy tried on a life vest for weekends on the lake.  And there was a  pillow with Einstein written all over it.

Addy left with a self-cleaning tooth brush that she wouldn’t take out of her mouth and Einstein (because he’s not!) got a ball.

Tyson will probably be sorry he decided to stay home when we get back!

The Dog Lover,

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