The days of me slathering myself with baby oil and laying in the sun are over…

So when I saw the ad for a “come to your home” spray tan service, I was blown away…well actually Blownaway  is the name of the service.

I called.

The next day this cute young woman named Michelle shows up at my door and warns me…97% of her clients do this in the nude.

Hmmm, I may back out right here.

But I really want to try this, so…

All Michelle needs is a 3 foot space and 5 minutes to pop up her tent and she’s ready to spray me.

The whole process takes about 15 minutes and now 3 days later I keep looking at how tanned my legs are, that healthy look like you get at the beach…without laying in the sun.

I may be hooked!

The brand of tanning product and equipment Blownaway uses is Norvell, the same they use on “Dancing with the Stars”.

I didn’t end up looking like a dancer, but it was just the tan I needed for cowboy boots and bare legs at the Cattle Baron’s Ball Saturday night!