Tears streamed down my face as I sat in the Los Angeles airport…I hadn’t realized how much I had missed my son until it came time to say goodbye and head home to Dallas.

It was another gift from Covid.


I know that sounds odd, but I’m making positive changes in my life after Covid and I want to hear about yours.

I spent the year before I got vaccinated pretty much alone. My boyfriend currently works out of town a lot, my only son Michael lives across the country and I was scared to death of getting the virus so I didn’t go out to eat or see friends or family.

Michael and I had agreed that wearing a mask and not traveling was smart and “the right thing to do”, and a year apart was nothing compared to healthy lives ahead of us.


The gift of Covid was scarcity, an accompanying appreciation for what’s important in my life, and a new perspective on how I will use the precious time that I have.

And sitting in the Los Angeles airport I realized how much I had missed Michael, how glad I was I went, and I caught a glimpse of how I”ll spend my time in the future.


How has Covid changed your life, your perspective?  What is the gift of Covid in your life?