By Cheryl Crosby   That’s me in the cute cover-up on the left, about 4 months after our twins…

were born.

I wouldn’t trade those babies for anything in the world (including being skinny!) but I’ve had to use some tricks to hide the baby weight that I haven’t lost yet.

Truth is, there is no perfect body, but it’s almost spring break and if you’re ready to hit the beach like I am here are some tricks that might make you happier with your figure in a swimsuit this year.

First, go for 2-piece swimsuits that tie on the sides so you can adjust the bottoms and not get the dreaded “muffin top” effect. This is really important for those of us with a tummy! I love Luli Fama, Miami for great beach looks; that’s where I got the cute cover up.


There are also 1-piece options that have almost like a Spankx or other body control layer  inside to make jiggly bellies feel tight.

Second, always buy bigger than your size. In working with even the best models, I’ ve  found swimsuits seem to run small. In fact, don’t even worry about the size  you are buying. Just buy the suit that gives you good coverage without binding anywhere or riding up where you don’t want it to.

Be sure to spray tan for an even tone all over; that’s a trick the pros never skip.

And finally, distract from your normal, less than perfect body with big hats & heels  by the pool. Nothing says “Texas” more!

Happy spring break,


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