You could have danced all night…but your heels were killing you!

How many times have you said that?

The party season is here and I heard about a “sure fire trick” that would keep your pretty high heels from killing your feet.

So I tried it.

The prescription: take a good piece of tape and snugly wrap around your middle and fourth toe (the one next to the pinkie) together. That’s it.

I did it. Then I did the laundry…fed the dog…even went Christmas shopping in my party shoes!

I was hoping for a miracle.

I can’t tell you that at the end of the day…my feet felt like I’d been wearing Dr. Scholl’s, but for some strange reason there wasn’t as much pinching on my toes that were taped.  They actually felt a little better than the ones that weren’t.

So, will that little tip keep you dancing all night? It can’t hurt!

Happy dancing,