Did you see those spectacular “Friendship Bracelets” that look like gold and diamonds? They cost…

$65! That’s one for you and your best friend. (Or both of them for you!)

I was invited to a BuDhaGirl  shopping party today so I went to check it out.

I never dreamed that when I walked in the door I would know the woman who is BuDhaGirl!  Jessica Jesse, on my right, used to work at Saks 5th Avenue at the Galleria. Now, Jessica has come up with what I think is a really cool online store: BuDhaGirl.com.



BuDhaGirl sells mostly jewelry with soul, what Jessica calls “Mindful Glamour”.

One of her best selling pieces is the All Weather Silver Bangles.

budhagirl silver bracelets

“Each silver bangle represents an intention for the day. As you put them on, you are affirming your nine intentions in the morning and nine thoughts of gratefulness at night. This daily routine will quickly become a ritual and will settle your mind at the beginning and end of each day.”

To me that’s a “spiritual” way of saying they keep you focused on what you want to accomplish, and on being grateful, which is a pretty good thing.

In addition, they’re made of out recycled materials that you can wear in the airport…even going through the TSA.

Jessica showed me this recycled necklace made entirely out of plastic bottles that she has coming out in the spring.

budhagirl bottle necklace

And you don’t have to get a henna tattoo like my friend did to wear BuDhaGirl.

I like it because each piece has meaning, and to me that’s a good kind of gift to give at Christmas.

By the way, I want to tell you I do not get paid for any of my posts on products, stores or restaurants…or anything else.  I only tell you about stuff that I think is really interesting or that I really like.

In fact, I liked that pink Christmas tree ornament so much that…I bought it!

Here’s the link to the BuDhaGirl website. 

Have fun!



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