I’ve had several people ask me recently where I got a beautiful tan…

So I want to give a little shout out to my friend Christi at thetantraveller.com.

I quit laying in the sun a long time ago, but especially on TV, a healthy glow is nice.  During the summer, I try to get a couple of spray tans each month.

You can go to The Tan Traveler studio, or Christi will bring her mobile tanning service to your home. Christi will leave you with a lotion that helps prolong your golden tan. My last service by the The Tan Traveller  lasted a full two weeks!

Christi takes the time to make sure your spray tan is perfectly even and just the right color for your skin type.

Plus, I really enjoy seeing a fellow woman entrepreneur succeed. Believe me, Christi works hard.

Here’s the link for thetantraveller.com.

If you haven’t tried their service yet, today would be the perfect time to give them a call, just in time for Fourth of July festivities!