It’s Stock Show time in Ft. Worth! A great chance for you to try some terrific restaurants…

The Ft Worth Stock Show & Rodeo kicks off Friday, so take the family or your sweetheart and make a day, or a night of it. Then settle into the Ft. Worth way of life and have a great meal. The restaurants I’m suggesting in this post are all pretty casual so you’ll be fine in your boots and jeans; which you definitely should wear!

If you’ve never been, make the trip to Joe T. Garcia’s, a true Texas legend.

Joe T. Garcia's

You’ll have a choice between the Family Style Dinner or Fajitas.  The atmosphere alone is worth the trip, although the absolute best time to visit Joe T’s is in the spring when you can sit on the spectacular patio beside one of the beautiful pools. You can click here, Joe T Garcia’s, to see the beautiful grounds and their menu.

For authentic Tex Mex food I don’t think there is a better place to eat in North Texas than El Asadero, also in the Stockyards district. The last time I was there the queso, chips and guacamole were the best I’ve ever had. The queso is made with white cheese like they use in Mexico, if that gives you any idea how good it is.

Joe T. Garcia's Mexican Restaurant Family Style Dinner or Fajitas.

Another favorite of mine, on the other side of town, is the original Hedary’s Lebanese Restaurant. Over the years I’ve watched all the owner’s children bus tables, work in the kitchen and sometimes greet customers. Try their Maza sampling of appetizers that includes Hummus and the Baba Ghanoush that I am addicted to.

Hedary's Chicken



The Lemon Chicken smothered in butter is sinfully delicious. You have to have the Baklava for dessert!









A newer restaurant I really like is Shinjuku Station in the Magnolia St. hospital district. Their Japanese cuisine is light, fresh and inventive.

Shinjuku Station


Try the Bento Box if you want a little of everything. Oh, and their tempura rocks.


















I work in Dallas a lot these days but I lived west of I-360 for more than 25 years, which I guess makes me more Tarrant County than not. And as much as I love good food, I’m going to have some great suggestions all this month about some of my favorites in Ft. Worth.

Here’s to Cowtown’s finest,







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