They’re both a little bit sinful..and delicious…

The perfect Sunday night finish to the weekend before I jump back into Monday again.  Ok, in the case of Ray Donovan, more than a little sinful.

I’ve tried lots of different fried chicken and I really like Babe’s, but right now Eatzi’s Sunday Special, fried chicken and biscuits, is my favorite.   A breast and a wing, with a rich crunchy crust, is almost as good as homemade…and the last time I had homemade fried chicken was at my grandmothers. I don’t see it coming out of my kitchen.

As for Ray Donovan,  I wouldn’t wish being a woman in his life on my worst enemy (well maybe one I can think of, lol) but it’s a great show.  The plot and the characters are riveting.

I’m really rooting for Ray’s wife, and tonight I want to see if Cookie knew Ray’s daughter was in the back of the vehicle when he ruthlessly gunned down her sweetheart.

As bad as Ray is, and as much as I hate what he does sometimes, it’s not hard to understand how he got that way.  He is all too human.

Fried Chicken & Ray Donovan..what’s your Sunday night indulgence?


Ray Donovan airs at 8 Central on Showtime.

Enjoy your Sunday,