Several years ago I had taken a break from dating for a year. I found I was fine on my own, I didn’t need anyone to survive or to have great experiences in life. I circled the globe by myself visiting 17 countries.

The day I returned my my travels, I met Lance. I came into his life with no baggage of past relationships, I was completely free and complete. My heart was open for love, and he walked right in and swept me off my feet. I fell in love with his brilliant mind, his passion for life, and his heart.

He was a really good guy! I wanted him around forever. So we worked hard on building a healthy lifestyle that worked to keep us both healthy and live a long life, together. We walked, exercised & made changes in the meals we ate. He lost 100 lbs. in the process. I lost weight too. But more important was the fact we did something together. We encouraged each other to be our best. We became a TEAM…TEAM Lance & Cheryl or as we call it TEAM LC (that’s even on our license plate!).

We got married and had our twins. Fast forward to today and I can say I love my husband even more today. I have seen him work crazy long hours, days, weeks, months at a time with no break. He has been by my side during a more than difficult pregnancy and the long recovery. He cared for the twins during months in NICU. He planned his business travel just to see his babies. He has given his ‘all’ to his family. And we loved every second we got Lance. I only hope he feels surrounded by love when he is home & away, and how much we appreciate him.

Everyone has their own version of “normal” for what they want in a relationship. I found my “normal” when I met Lance. People ask me why we have such a good relationship/marriage. It is because of the encouragement, support, cheering each other on, guidance, loyalty, proud of each other along with respect, talking to each other (not about) and being able to listen, saying I’m sorry and knowing when to let the other person have distance to breathe and appreciating each other. Life will always have curves, hills and valleys. Being strong enough to stand beside Lance thru his journey in life is just a blessing to me. I love him from my core and would do anything for him.

I still get butterflies when he holds my hand. And my heart overflows with love when I look at my husband with our twins. We are a real family. I hope our kids will learn what love is by our example. And they know how loved they are by us, their parents.

My life was never the same, in a good way, from the minute I met Lance. I hope everyone can experience true love. Lance, well he’s MINE! And with the twins, he’s OURS!

Happy Valentines Day,


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