I was going to cook last night, but at the last minute we headed to one of my favorite…

fish and seafood spots.  Hook Line & Sinker has one of those outdoor porches where you can almost imagine you are right on the Gulf coast, which is pretty nice on a hot August evening in Uptown Dallas.

Filets of fish are fresh off the grill and they’ll do anything from trout to salmon.  You can also get deep fried catfish filets served with hush puppies, fries, ketchup and tartar sauce.  (They’re almost as good as the ones my “Popo” fried up for Sunday dinner when I was a kid growing up near the Mississippi River).  Hook Line & Sinker also serves oysters on the half shell or boiled shrimp, but I typically get 3 fried shrimp and 3 oysters for $8.95.  I have never had seafood or fish that’s not delicious here.

And I always order the “Hook Salad” that’s served with a few black olives and some kind of delicious tangy dressing.  I like vegetables and they also serve a plate of marinated grilled seasonal veggies.

But I don’t always get fish at this “seafood house” because Hook Line & Sinker has one of the BEST cheeseburgers in town. Make mine well done with mustard only, lettuce, tomato and fresh jalapenos on it!  That’s what I ordered last night, with french fries for $5.25.  Of course there are saltine crackers, ketchup and horseradish on the table.

What more do you need when you just don’t feel like cooking?

Where is your favorite spot for a seafood or a fried fish fix?  I know there have to be some hidden spots I haven’t tried yet and I’d like to know about them, so leave your comments, please!

Until the next meal,

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