This hit me so hard this week, as I saw the news about Regina King’s son.


It was Saturday morning and I was scrolling through social media before I started my prayer and journaling time.

I said a prayer for Ms. King and their son’s father that God will give them the strength to endure what is ahead.  And I said a prayer of thanks that my 28 year old son is safe.


I went on with my journaling then, writing about situations that I wish were different in my life and setting my intentions for how to handle various things.  That’s when it hit me.  I’m not reducing my feelings or desires about some things in my life, but in the larger perspective, I don’t have problems. Regina King has problems. I have challenges and growth opportunities that God has put in front of me. 


I don’t know why God allows tragedies like the King family faces.  But I pray that God will comfort them, and I am grateful for the nudge I got to remember that all I face today are challenges, and opportunities for growth. 


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