Have you ever tried any of those exercises that are supposed to give you a firm jawline?

I came across an article titled “Can Exercise Tighten Sagging Neck Muscles and Skin?” and it made me wonder.

It sounds so tempting…a few minutes a day doing a simple exercise could give you a firmer jawline, longer.

Do the exercises work?

I ask questions for a living, so I asked one of the premiere plastic surgeons in the country, Dr. Rod Rohrich, UTSW Medical Center. I have asked Dr. Rohrich lots of questions over the years and learned through experience that he gives me “just the facts”, no empty promises, which I appreciate.  He also knows that when it comes to skin care and cosmetic procedures, I am very conservative. Here’s what he said.

Yes, I read these articles and others like it.   It is truly nonsense, no science, marketing hype.   It makes no sense to do neck exercises to tighten neck muscles since they would only become more prominent and stand out more.   They are called platysma muscles of the neck and the sagging is determined 90% of the time by your genetics. Take a look at your mother and father and you will see how you will look in 20-30 years.   Nor does chewing gum or making a cow face work.

 The only think that avoids excess aging is sun avoidance, sunscreen and use of retin A in the neck.

I’m glad to know that.

It’s too late for ‘sun avoidance’ for those of use who grew up slathering on baby oil. But in a future column Dr. Rohrich is going to give us some advice on Retin A, ULTherapy, and a few other procedures that do work!

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