Charges and counter charges between health care workers, Presbyterian hospital and the CDC are flying, but one thing looks…

pretty certain. When this is all said and done, we may count Presbyterian Hospital and it’s doctors and nurses and staff among the victims of ebola, and that is a bad thing for our entire area.

I’m certain mistakes have been made at Presbyterian but I doubt any other hospital around the country would have fared much better, given what we now know about the preparedness of the CDC and it’s guidelines and training, or lack thereof, for medical workers.

The ebola threat has been top of mind at the CDC for months now.  They knew there was a possibility that someone in the U.S. would contract the disease. And yet, every day the CDC comes off as more and more unprepared.

Why didn’t anyone at the CDC anticipate that there was no way every local hospital across the country that happened to receive an ebola patient could be expected to properly handle a disease about which so little is known? Why didn’t they anticipate the need for regional facilities or traveling teams of medical personnel specifically trained in ebola protocol, that now seem to make so much sense?

Hindsight is 20/20, but did the CDC know so little about ebola as not to anticipate some of this?  That’s a disturbing question.

I’m sure Presbyterian Hospital has made many errors along the way here. At least one health care worker on my twitter has said Presbyterian has acted not only ineptly, but arrogantly tried to cover up it’s mistakes.

But I honestly feel sorry for the doctors and staff there.  I’m pretty sure they are trying their level best.  Bottom line for me, the CDC’s preparation for this and direction for the health care industry appears to have been at best inadequate,; at worst,  abysmal, and ebola will claim far more victims than was perhaps ever necessary.

What are your thoughts on this?  Please tell me, I’m interested.





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