My Ft. Worth kitchen had lots of room for family and friends and cooking on Thanksgiving….

It had a very “Texas” feel…a 1920’s cabinet out of a South Texas cigar store filled with my collection of vintage Mexican pottery and mole bowls…and a colorful Mexican chandelier from the 1940’s. I have all those in storage right now and they’ll be in my next kitchen, but meanwhile, it’s Thanksgiving!

And every year I make a turkey dinner from scratch. Well, not entirely, I think it takes a special kind of cook to make the perfect pie crust.

I don’t have as much room in my temporary kitchen this Thanksgiving, but I’ll still be making the dinner that I grew up eating at my grandparents’ home every Thanksgiving.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be sharing my Thanksgiving Favorite Recipes, including “Jane’s Dressing”, the recipe handed down to me by my grandmother, which my 21 year old son Michael says is the best dish I make all year, hands down.

I also have a recipe for Fresh Cranberry Relish that I think is delicious, the best Roast Turkey I’ve ever made, Candied Sweet Potatoes and a killer Southern Pecan Pie.

james beard

By the way, there is one cookbook I rely on not only for Thanksgiving dinner but almost everything else during the year. I don’t think I have ever run across a bad recipe in  James Beard’s American Cookery. I’ve had my book so long that it’s literally falling apart.

If you click on the name, I’ve provided a link for you where you can take a peek.



What’s your favorite part of the Thanksgiving dinner? Is it dressing or stuffing at your house on Thanksgiving? And is there a special dish at your house that it “wouldn’t be Thanksgiving” without? Is there a Thanksgiving recipe you want to share?

Please tell me about it in the comments below and get ready to cook, because starting tomorrow I’m sharing my Thanksgiving Favorite Recipes.

Happy November!


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