By Cheryl Crosby  They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend…especially for your face!

This picture of Jane and me was taken at about midnight on New Year’s Eve after dinner out and a New Year’s celebration with friends. Especially before a long evening like that, or a work day where I know I’m going to be photographed several hours after I put my make-up on,  I use one of my favorite “go to” products.

Mineralize Charged Water  by MAC Cosmetics, with ‘diamond powder’ finishes and sets my cosmetics.


Here’s how it works. A spritz of mineral or spring water after you put your make-up on actually helps set the colors and gives a brighter appearance to the face. A little spritz during the day or before a photo also hydrates your face and brightens your make-up on the go.



I always have a tiny container on hand, like on the beach in Mexico before Christmas, when I texted this photo to Jane.



The Mineralize Charged Water by MAC is the champagne of facial sprays, it’s the favorite of make-up artists to the stars because the addition of ‘diamond powder’ really does make the face sparkle for the red carpet.  It’s one of my Essential Beauty Products, when I’m doing make-up on myself or someone else for a big event.

By the way, the Evian Travel Trio is great to carry with you when you are on the go. It’s so tiny that I always have one in my handbag, just in case I need a tiny mist to freshen my look before that next Facebook photo.

Enjoy and happy 2015!






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