I use this classic Chanel 225 bag all the time. But why pay what mine cost…

when you can buy the same beautiful bag for far less?

My Chanel was a gift and I’ve carried it for more than 15 years. That’s one reason Chanel, Versace, Saint Laurent or other designers make such wonderful Christmas gifts. But they are expensive.

So when you find a trusted consignment shop you have found a treasure. You will buy authentic designer merchandise at around half the retail price. That Fendi fur baguette is to die for! And how beautiful would that lovely white Chanel bag be after a day in the snow on a winter vacation?

I shop at this store, Uptown Consignment, because I trust the owners and because they only accept merchandise that is in wonderful condition. Their merchandise turns over quickly but I snapped all these pictures just yesterday.

So most of what you see should still be there, except that spectacular red and green Chanel necklace. It’s in my closet.

Happy Shopping,