I’m so thankful for my first “Design Your Life” luncheon, hosted by the downtown Dallas Neiman Marcus.

This was the first time I have shared my story of success, losing it all, and my journey to regain more peace ad well being than I dreamed possible.

I shared my story at the first of what I hope will be quarterly luncheons with women who value happiness, wellness, faith and health.

I was honored to have a team of experts at this luncheon who shared their insights and wisdom on topics ranging from relationships to anti-aging.

My own growth and development advisor, Coach Tre Bradley The Relationship Strategist, shared strategies that anyone can use to change and enhance their own life.

And my skin care and anti-aging expert David Weir, MSN, APRN, NP-C, spoke about the non-invasive procedures he has used to keep me looking “fresh and fabulous over 50.” David also spent some time sharing some of the newest treatments that are just now becoming available.

My guests received a beautiful new profile picture for their social media accounts, taken by one of Dallas’ premier photographers, my “go to” for beautiful photos. They also received three skin care products that I can’t live without from Eraclea Skin Care!

It was a wonderful afternoon, enjoyed by everyone! If you, or someone you know, would like to attend my next luncheon, simply drop me an email at jane@realjane.net, I would be happy to reach out to you! 

This is your invitation to my “Manifest Your Dream Life” Event!

Come and have the most extraordinary day of your personal life as we celebrate the future and go deep, very deep, into the essential changes you need to Manifest The Life you have always dreamed of and to create the happiness and peace in your life and relationships.

Thank you!