This jeweled cross is just one gorgeous piece…look at all the beautiful ornaments and gifts!

Like the awesome lion’s head…or those pillows…

Lunch for me is usually whatever I grab from the frig, a few pieces of fruit or some feta & crackers, while I’m writing…

But what a beautiful event I was invited to with designer Jay Strongwater at the downtown Dallas Neiman Marcus store.


I know you have seen Jay Strongwater’s “jewelry for your home”…this picture frame he’s holding is the first one he ever made…he calls it Penny, after his Mom.


Strongwater started out making jewelry, like the wonderful necklace my friend Dee Simmons (on the right)  has on in this picture.

JAY STRONGWATER CARMALETA:DEEBack in the 80s he made jewelry for Oscar de la Renta’s runway shows…now he’s better known for his fabulous peacocks….


JAY STRONGWATER PEACOCK BARBARAjeweled boxes.. flowers and frames…


The Neiman Marcus Jay Strongwater Boutique is truly a sight to behold! And if you are like me, you just might find a beautiful Christmas ornament…the cross will look so pretty on my tree.

If I could buy anything I wanted my favorite is the Jay Strongwater Jungle Collection. I didn’t plan to wear the tiger boots because of that but it turned out they were perfect!

I love the fabulous tigers and lions….which are your favorite pieces?

Please tell me in the comments below.

P.S. About that Noah’s Ark ornament….it’s meant for a baby…but you can call anybody “baby” can’t you?




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