The first thing I bought in Mexico was a hat…

I kind of like the fedora style and it smashes easily into my handbag…

I love beautiful handmade textiles…the lovely white on ecru pillow covers were only $20 each.  The longer red and green textiles were $30.  I’m going to make two king size pillow cases in red and two in green.  They’ll be so fresh and colorful on beds!

I picked up the cocktail napkins for $4 each at the same little shop where the sweet girl had such a wonderful smile.

The silver jewelry crafted in Mexico is so beautiful…the necklace was made by a local artist and cost less than $30, and I got a wonderful silver bangle.

I collect holy water fonts and I couldn’t resist this pretty red and white one for $20.

And finally, I bought one of the fabulous green pineapples from Michoacan for $160. I see them in the U.S. for not less than $500.

If I took some of my Real Jane friends on a shopping trip, would you want to go? To Mexico? Or where would you like to go shopping?

I may be planning a shopping trip!