Do you ‘power pose’ before and during a high stakes social situation, like a job interview?

You may want to consider it.

In addition to my work with Channel 8, I do corporate image consulting. Interesting research about successful people shows that they ‘power pose’.

What do I mean by ‘power pose’?


In a great “Ted Talks” Harvard professor and social psychologist Amy Cuddy talks about The Benefits of Power Posing Before a High-Stakes Social Situation.

“…stand with your two feet apart and hands on your hips like this…You will maintain this pose for one minute and then after one minute is up, I notify you to get into a second pose. The second pose involves you sitting in the chair with your hands behind your head and your feet up on the table…”

The research shows that ‘power poses’ not only “make an individual more confident, captivating, and enthusiastic…high testosterone and low cortisol, a hormone profile that is characteristic of high-status and effective leaders…is induced by power posing…”

Some degree of ‘power posing’ could be a game changer in social situations from job interviews to presenting yourself confidently at a women’s luncheon.

I’m working on some ‘power poses’ that are friendly as well as powerful for those social situations that call for just the right mix of the two.


I’ll let you know what I come up with!



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