Is it the best pie in the city?

If you’ve never been to Paris Coffee Shop on West Magnolia in Ft. Worth you should go…on a Saturday morning when you can get a bacon, eggs and a biscuit breakfast…and take home a pie for the weekend.

This is one of my favorite pies in the city…the same family has been serving up slices of “dee-li-cious” pie at the Paris Coffee Shop for more than 80 years.

Coconut cream and chocolate are their best sellers…but my favorite is lemon, which they only have on Friday. Mine usually doesn’t last through Saturday. Second on my list is the egg custard…or maybe the cherry, warmed up with a scoop of Blue Bell ice cream on top.

They serve breakfast every day…eggs, corned beef hash, bacon, porkchops, french toast to die for, waffles and pancakes…and Texas size biscuits and gravy.

But I usually go…for the pie.

What’s your favorite pie in the city?  And where do you go to buy it?  Tell me ’cause I’d like to go.


P.S. If you see Mike, tell him Jane said hi!


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