Cheap, filling, hot and delicious. What more can you ask on a cold winter night?

My 21 year old son took me to Pho Pasteura little place with great pho in Arlington. I’m a huge fan of pho. I love the warmth on a chilly day and a big bowl of pho is great after the holidays, when I’m trying to watch my weight.

A medium bowl of pho typically has 350 to 450 calories, and in the end, calories are what help you lose or gain weight.

The broth itself contains little or no oil and you can keep pho lean with protein choices like flank steak, eye of round, seafood, or chicken, rather than higher fat options like meatballs or brisket. The fresh herbs, bean sprouts and fresh jalapeno are wonderful garnishes.

The one drawback of most pho is that it is high in sodium, as much as 1500 mg of sodium in one serving.

But there’s not much better on a chilly night than a warm bowl of pho with your 21 year old son. Unless it’s the spring rolls I love so much on the side.

Pho has become really popular and there are lots a great places to order it. Where is your favorite spot for pho?  And what’s in your favorite bowl?




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